Vegetarian Food

Our Story

Ambrosia Veggie House was known to serve the community with healthy food and good service in the past.

The Future Plan for the Ambrosia Veggie Restaurant

Ambrosia Veggie Restaurant is always providing good food at an affordable price, the restaurant will like to attract more people to eat vegetarian meals.  Be a vegetarian for a day, and one will have liberate lives for that day.

In the future, we would like to see Ambrosia turning from a restaurant to a vegetarianism promotion centre to serve the community.  We will register as a non-profit organization to promote the various beneficial aspects of vegetarianism such as health, kindness and environment.  Other than a nutritional and affordable lunch buffet, the centre will also have the following promotion plans:

  1. Conduct Zen-tea classes on Saturday afternoon, or similar events such as cooking class, inspirational talk, book club, etc., to share and encourage vegetarianism.
  2. Hold a large scale event every summer to promote vegetarianism, such as a food fair.  We can invite vegetarian groups from different countries to participate and exchange ideas.  We can also invite speakers like researchers, professors, chefs, to give talks.

We hope the above plans will receive your support.  And when we all work together, we can come up with more and brighter ideas to promote vegetarianism, which is not just good for our community but for all living beings.